Sunday, June 14, 2009

Parshas Beha’alosecha:Lechem Mishna

This week's parsha talks about the Mon. Even though the m'kor for lechem mishna is in Parshas Beshalach, I decided to talk about it this week. Specifically, I discussed whether lechem mishna requires to complete loaves of bread.

The Mechabeir in Siman 274 paskens that we need two loaves of bread for the Shabbos meal. The Rema adds that thy must be whole loaves. The GR"A points you to the gemara in Berachos 39b. The gemara says that by the seder the 2nd matzah has to be broken to make it "lechem oni". However, by Shabbos you need 2 loaves. The GR"A is m'daeik that only on Pesach can you have half a matzah. On Shabbos and Yom Tov you need two whole loaves.

In truth this is a machlokes Rishonim. The Rosh in Pesachim says that even on Pesach night you need 2 whole matzos fro lechem mishna. Therefore, you take 3 matzahs. The Rif holds that on Pesach night 1 ½ matzahs is enough for lechem mishna. Pashtus in the Rif is that only Pesach night you don't need shlaimim, but every other time you do. However, the Netziv in the Meishiv Davar learns from the Rif that we see from the seder night that b'd'ieved you don't need shlaimim. In fact the Netziv is coming to explain his father in laws minhag of giving guests 2 pieces of bread for lechem mishna when he didn't have whole loaves.


To be continued

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