Monday, June 29, 2009

Korach and Yaakov

I heard an interesting pshat in what Yaakov was mispallel for when he davened that his name should not be associated with Korach. Many times people do things, both good and bad, and people react by saying "Oh of course he did that, he is a descendent of Ploni. Yaakov was mispallel that after Korach did what he did, noone should say "of course Korach did that, he is Yaakov's great great grandson".


Chaim B. said...

Maharal explains that even tzadikim have 'psoles' which can be passed to future generations and cause them to go off the derech. It's not just that Ya'akov did not want this said about him, but aliba d'emes it could not be said about him because he was 'mitaso shleima' with no psoles and he had no role in what came.

Chaim Markowitz said...

According to your pshat (actually the Maharal) why did Yaakov need to daven. The fact he had no pesoles was a metziyus and tefilla would make no difference

Anonymous said...

This is interesting. I liked the post. Keep blogging!!

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