Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Shabbos Chazon:HKBH's Watching Us

The Aish Kodesh (Rav Klonomous Kalman from Piaczena) asks why is the Shabbos called Shabbos Chazon? The obvious answer is that it is named for the haftorah, but this just leads to the question why is this Shabbos named for the haftorah. He answers that there are different madreigaos of nevuah. A nevuah that starts with "chazon" means that the navi actually saw the nevuah that he received as opposed to just hearing about it.

Seeing something has a much more powerful effect on a person than just hearing about something. That is why the amoraim said that they did not wish to see the chevlei moshiach because it would be too hard for them. What difference does it make if they saw it or not-they undoubtallyt were aware of what would happen during chevlei moshiach. If they could handle knowing about it why could they not handle seeing it. The Aish Kodesh answers that it is because seeing something has a much more powerful effect on a person than just knowing about something.

Shabbos Chazon represents the idea that the tzorus of golus will be seen. In other words, HKBH Himself will come down to see the tzorus and not just "hear" about it in shamayim. The result will be that HKBH will feel our pain more acutely and will be more affected by our tears. This will lead to HKBH having rachmanus on us and taking us out of this golus.

We have had a lot of pain over the years and it continues even today. May HKBH see our tzorus and feel our pain and bring the geulah shlaima b'korov.

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