Friday, August 25, 2006

Lo Sasur II

The Derashos HaRan (in Derasha 5,7 and 12) discusses the issur of "lo sasur". Interestingly, he seems to say the same idea as R' Elchanan but in a slightly different manner. The Ran writes that the koach to decide halacha was given to the chachamim and the halacha follows the majority. This is learnt from the passuk "acharei rabim l'hatos". In other words the obligation to listen to a majority consensus is based on this possuk. Then in the same sentence the Ran equates this obligation with the issur of "lo sasur". However, the Ran understands "lo sasur" as only applying to derashos and gezeiros decided by the Sanhedrin in the Beis HaMikdash. It would seem that both R' Elchanan and the Ran hold there are 2 dinim. One obligation is to listen to the Sanhedrin which is based on "lo sasur". The other obligation is to listen to the majority. The Ran learns this from "acharei rabim l'hatos" and R' Elchanan learns it is part of lo sasur.
Am I reading to much in to the Ran or is my understanding correct?

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