Sunday, October 31, 2010

Parsha Cakes

Last year my sister would bake a cake every Friday based on that weeks parsha.
Here are her cakes.
 She inspired my daughters to do it this year. I must admit that my daughters can be very creative. Here are some pictures of the last few weeks cakes.

This is from Lech Lecha, Avraham and Sorah going down to Mitzrayim. I will take partial credit for this since on Friday Parshas Lech Lecha my wife called me up to tell me that the cake fell in and they were trying to figure out what to do. I told her they should make Avraham and Sorah going down to Mitzrayim since there was already an indentation in the cake.

This is from Vayeira, Lot's wife turned to salt. Originally, my daughter drew a shape of a person with blue icing. When I came home from work, I decided that the person had to look like a woman (and she needed a skirt to be tzniyus). So they added the red icing for a skirt and long hair, (What would my kids do without me :-)  )

This is Chaya Sorah, the wedding of Yitzchak and Rivka. My only contribution to this one is that I was in the store and helped my daughter find the doilies that she used.


Chaim said...

Chaim, keep them coming! If you'd put them earlier on in the week, perhaps others could copy them at home..

Chaim Markowitz said...

Which Chaim are you? The one from England? If so, maybe I'll send you a cake to give to the Queen.