Tuesday, February 06, 2007

K'riyas Yam Suf: Neis or Nature

Rabbi Belsky in his new sefer on Sh'mos in explaining the idea behind "kasha zivugin k'kriyas yam suf" touches upon the nature of the miracle of kiriyas yam suf. (emphasis added)

"Rav Ya'akov Kamenetzky would quote Chazal in Chagiga 12B that the rules of nature were composed with immense wisdom. The whole creation is filled with chachma, bina and da'as of the Ribono Shel Olam.
By definition the performance of a neis abrogates the chukei hateva opposing the chachma of the Ribono Shel Olam on some level. Thus when Chazal say that k'riyas yam suf was hard for HKBH they are not referring to the difficulty of the act but rather to the need to act contrary to the wisdom with which He endowed the world. This is the difficulty for Hashem inherent in every neis-for it is difficult for the very source of wisdom to act in a way that opposes wisdom"

Rav Ya'akov Hillel in his sefer Ascending Jacob's Ladder also writes the following (page 100)
(emphasis mine)

"Rabbeinu Asher, known as the Rosh, wrote in Orchos Tzaddikim that believing only in the first part of the verse-that Hashem created the world-is not enough. A Jew must believe in the continuation of the verse, that Hashem took us out of Eygpt. ... However as the Rosh tells us all the wonderous events of the Exodus-the fact that Hashem changed the course of nature, that he made miracles, that he brought ten plagues on the Eygptians and more - are proof of his direct involvement in the world"

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