Friday, May 05, 2006

Gabbai Shailos III

1) Calling up one's father

I always assumed that when one called up one's father you should just say "ya'amod avi mori" and not mention is name because of kibud av. However, I just saw in the Piskei Teshuvos (139:3) that he brings from a few sources including Shut Eretz Tzvi (Chelek 1 Siman 97) that you should say "ya'amod avi mori yosef ben shimon". I looked up the Eretz Tzvi and this is his reasoning. (derech agav I bought this 2 set DVD of 1800 shailos u'teshuvos for $36 from $36 I ever spent)

1) The Birchas Yosef (Yoreh Deia Siman 240) says it is only assur to call your father by his name if you don't say "avi mori" first.

2) The Yam Shel Shlomo brings a rayah from Kiddushin 31 that even if you say avi mori first you can't mention your father's name. However, the Eretz Tzvi says the rayah from Kiddushin is only where it is possible to avoid saying your father's name. By an aliyah you have to say the person's name. My understanding of this is that it is more of a kabbalastic/toras nistar reason as opposed to a halachic reason. Therefore, one could say avi mori followed by his name.

Personally, I am still not convinced that everyone says to do this.

2) Calling up the Ba'al Korei

This seems to be pretty straightforward. The Rema (139:3) says you shouldn't call him up at all since he is already there. However, I have never seen anyone follow this Rema. Maybe it's just out of ignorance. The Piskei Teshuvos also says the minhag is to call the ba'al korei up by name and it again seems to be based on this inyan of mentioning a person's name. However, he brings down that you should not say "ya'amod" because he is already there. It seems to me that most gabbaim call up the ba'al korei with "ya'amod yosef ben shimon". It could be out of ignorance or that is just minhag ha'olam.


I had a chance to hear Rav Dovid Feinstein's chumash shiur today. (Yes I do work but on slow Friday's I take my lunch break a little early and walk over to MTJ). I ask3ed him about the Rema and he said that minhag haolam is not like the Rema and we call up the ba'al korei by name.

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