Friday, April 28, 2006

Ma'alin B'Kodoesh V'Ain Moridin

I just started learning the 4th Perek of Megillah with my chavrusah (for those who are interested, my chavrusah needs to prepare for a summer shiur he gives so we are taking a short break from Chullin) and the first sugyah we got into was ma'alin b'kodesh v'ein moridin.

As of now I don't have much to say about it but I did discover something interesting. I always assumed ma'alin b'kodesh means that once something is brought to a higher level then you can't bring it to alower level. However, it seems clear from the gemara in Menochos 99a that it means more than that.

The gemara says that there were 3 shulchanos upon which they put the lechem hapanim. Two were by the ulam and one was in the heichal. The kohein would enter, put the lechem hapanim on one shulchan, then enter the heichal and put it on the 2nd shulchan and then before they left the beis hamikdash they would put it on the 3rd shulchan located by the ulam. The shulchan in the heichal was made of gold and that was the original shulchan of Moshe. However, the first shulchan used was made of marble. The reason is since the lechem hapanim would eventually be placed on a gold shulchan, they put the lechem on a marble one first so they would be m'kayim the idea of "ma'alin b'kodesh".

We see that "ma'alin b'kodesh" is its own din and not just a "metzius" issue that if you were ma'alin then you are not "moridin".

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