Sunday, February 05, 2006

BO III: Rechush Gadol

HKBH tells Moshe that the B’nei Yisroel should ask the Eygptians for money in order that Avraham shouldn’t have any ta’anos that Hashem didn’t fulfill part of his havtacha that "yeitzu b’richush gadol". The GR"A asks the obvious question. The reason to make the B’nei Yisroel wealthy should not have been to placate Avraham, but rather in order to fulfill the promise of "yeitzu b’richush gadol". The GR"A answers that really the rechush gadol was the "bizas hayam"-the spoils they picked up by kriyas yam suf. This also fits into the order of the pesukim. The pesukim say "v’gam es hagoy…dan anochi. v’acharei chein yeitzu b’rechush gadol". First there will be a din on Mitzrayim and then the B’nei Yisroel will get the wealth. The GR"A explains that the actual din didn’t take place until kriyas yam suf, when everyone waas killed. (In fact I saw that Rav Dovid Cohen brings down in his sefer Ma’aseh Avos Siman L’Banim that the Targum Yonason Ben Uziel translates "dan anochi" as referring to the 250 makkos that took place at the yam suf.) Therefore, it comes out that the rechush gadol HKBH was referring to had to have been the bizas hayam. However, if the B’nei Yisroel had left Mitzrayim without any wealth it would have appeared as if Hashem wasn’t keeping his promise. Therefore, HKBH ensured B’nei Yisroel would leave wealthy so Avraham wouldn’t have a ta’anah.

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