Monday, January 02, 2006

Parshas Miketz II: And What Did Yaakov Suspect?

Did Yaakov suspect that the brotehrs might have harmed Yosef or did he believe them when they claimed that Yosef was killed by a wild animal?

The Seforno in Parshas Miketz explains that Yaakov was hesitant to send Binyamin down to Mitzrayim because he was afraid that the brothers would get rid of Binyamin just like they got rid of Yosef. Clearly, the Seforno understands that Yaakov was not totally convinced of the brothers' innocence. My esteemed friend Rav Eliyahu Ferrell also pointed out to me that the Ohr HaChaim comments in the beginning of Parshas VaYeshev that Yaakov was aware of the sinah the brothers had for Yosef. According to this Ohr HaChaim it is not so surprising thatYaakov suspected the brothers and did not fully trust them.

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